We are North Coast Locals

At Barbed Wire, we live and breathe the North Coast. We know exactly where to find the best grapes in Sonoma County, Mendocino County, Lake County and Napa Valley. We get out in the vineyards, we roll up our sleeves and we kick the dirt around. Half the fun of winemaking is the chase—the search for the ultimate flavor.

We’ve been making wine locally for more than 20 years. We chose the North Coast because there’s nowhere else on earth we’d rather make wine. This project is our passion. When we’re not in the vineyards, we’re thinking about the vineyards. When we’re not tasting our blends, we’re sitting around talking about our blends—preferably over a local beer.

The Barbed Wire name is a nod to the barbed wire that surrounds the vineyards. We’ve been at this long enough to know the most interesting vines are usually behind the gnarliest barbed wire. We’re not afraid to follow that wire, jump the fence and find that North Coast flavor. We don’t mind getting a little dirty to make great wine. In fact, that’s our favorite part.

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